7.3 Powerstroke dual boost relief valve

* Prevents the SES light from activating at boost levels over 25-26 PSI and prevents the engine from defueling from "excess boost". * This mechanical device is intended to be installed between the MAP sensor and the intake manifold on all Fords 7.3L Turbo Diesel. * Fits all 7.3L and 6.0L trucks, 1999+ with MAP sensors. * This device allows any boost pressures above 22PSI to be released so that the SES light is not set and the MAP sensor does not send signal to the PCM to go in to a defueling mode, if you are running high boost, typically found on aftermarket High Performance chips and programs. * The boost gauge through this connection will now only read a max of 22- 25lbs. * LIFETIME WARRANTY!

7.3 Powerstroke dual boost relief valve
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  • Item #: DRV
  • Manufacturer: Black Widow Diesel
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